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Tretinoin (transitiona acid) is an active substance is a crystalline powder with a strong floral scent. The substance is soluble in dimethyl sulfoxide, with difficulty soluble in polyethylene glycol, octanol, and 100% alcohol (ethanol), almost insoluble in water (a measure of solubility at a temperature equal to 25°C, is 0,126 mg/l), mineral oils and glycerin. Color of powder may vary from yellow to light orange. Oral Tretinoin prescribed to patients diagnosed with a variant of acute myeloid leukemia characterized by abnormal accumulation of a variation on myeloid cells promyelocytes. Moreover, the use of the drug provokes the induction of remission in patients that were not undergoing treatment, and patients who have suffered a relapse/recurrence, APML (acute promyelocytic leukemia) or refractory to standard chemotherapy carried out with the use of rubomycin, cytarabine or their analogues. After onset of complete remission of the disease patients are shown consolidation chemotherapy in full doses. Manual of the drug warns that patients, who are undergoing maintenance therapy with the use of Tretinoin, may be the loss of response to treatment.

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